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What is the BSD User Group Hamburg?
A loosely formed group of users of BSD UNIX derivatives like NetBSD, FreeBSD, and BSD/OS. Most are FreeBSD users.

We make no discrimation on "membership", especially none based on skill level.

User Support?
Several members have expressed their willingness to help starters. Until now our main list <bsd at> (sorry for the spam protection) is well suited for every question. We can still divide it up if traffic should become to high.

The rules are like this:

No-one should stumble over the nitty-gritty details of getting a *BSD up and running. We will help out with software if the CD is not availible in local bookstores; we'll give a hand if the OS doesn't like the users hardware; we help if the peculiars of *BSD administration make trouble (especially true for Linux converts).

We'll help everyone who's willing to learn and use *BSD. No help will be provided for people too lazy to to the dirty work themselves to get an end-user system or an Internet gateway running (and want to spare the money for a commercial solution).

For those considering *BSD as a turnkey system we are more than willing to give out addresses of professionals making a living on that.

Regular Meetings?
When: every first Wednesday of the month at 7pm
Where: Restaurant Lotosblüte, Löwenstr. 22 (at Eppendorfer Weg)

We plan to have FreeBSD and NetBSD archives in Hamburg accessible by modem/ISDN dial-in (due to high Internet traffic charges and slow connections). We don't have that yet, but as several of our members track -current of both FreeBSD and NetBSD we can provide tapes with releases and snapshots.

We have a few FreeBSD-2.2.2-CDs we can lend to interested people.

There are intensive discussions on appropriate (PC) hardware. We surely can give some recommendations for that.

We'd like to use the cumulation of *BSD hackers in Hamburg also to engage in serious projects; which are still to be found. Most probably they will focus on kernel/driver work or networking code for FreeBSD.

Also under discussion is the dedication of time to promoting *BSD to further enhance the availible ressources. Of course, most of us rather like to hack away...

In any case, besides NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD, we need BSDharhar :-)

Martin Cracauer <cracauer @>
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