Free CLIM activities

We are a group of people investigating ways to get a free version of CLIM - the Common Lisp Interface Manager.

We have a mailing list free-clim @ Send mail to to be added or removed. An archive is at

This mailing list is intended for discussing a free implementation of CLIM. General CLIM discussion is covered by the CLIM mailing list at clim @

Our source distribution areas are at or

As a code starting point, we have a version of Expresswindows adapted to recent versions of free Common Lisp implementations and CLX called "clinc".

The CLIM version 2 user guide can be found at

A HTML version of the reference manual/specification (thanks to Mike McDonald) is at A tarfile of the HTML version is at

A Postscript version is at

Other links to CLIM resources can be found at Rainer Joswig's "Lisp on the net" page at

Happy Lisping

Martin Cracauer <cracauer @>
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